Chocolate Festival Beer Tasting Lacks Sweetness

Well, it was a chocolate festival after all, no one really expects the beer portion to be amazing. But if you’re going to the trouble of doing something, it might as well be memorable.

A lack of energy, hands, beer and purpose marred the beer tasting at the 8th Annual Chocolate Festival hosted by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden with beers courtesy of Gold Coast Distributing, Brown Distributors and Whole Foods. The two-day portion of the three-day festival was not at all the main draw, but anytime an event includes the words “tasting area” in part of the map, you can be sure a steady stream of thirsty enthusiasts would find the way.

The second day of the tasting, half of the beer supply and helping hands seems to have been absent, leaving a beleaguered trio of volunteer beer slingers to deal with the steady stream of outstretched arms. Understandably, they greeted everyone with the charm of IRS auditors.

What’s worse is that it there was a constant bombardment of the same question, “can I buy a beer here?” To which, the exhausted volunteer would respond, “no, it’s not allowed here.”

It seems a better use of everyone’s time would be to allow a similar structure to the recent restaurant and bar tastings of local micro and production breweries; provide samples and larger sized cups for tips.

Also, a little thematic flair doesn’t hurt anyone. Perhaps a couple more beers with sweet or chocolaty notes were in order. Don’t get me wrong though, I love warm supermarket staples served in tiny plastic espresso cups. Oh, wait…

goldchoco chocbeerpour

One cool side note was the bike valet provided Green Mobility Network and helped manned by Gary, who helps lead the Beer Snob Pub Crawl, a bicycle ride meets pub crawl that elevates the basic beer-to-drink-beer concept, encouraging craft beer as the standard. We’re all about that here, in the past we’ve chit chatted with all sorts on the pub crawl and been to some great tasty, low-key bars for the first time, including The Filling Station and Gramps. Keep posted for coverage on the next crawl and other great events!



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