Sexy Llama Tasting @ WOB Kendall (PHOTOS)

South Florida Beer Week offers plenty of craft beer events for the local beer lover but some of the best are the tastings from soon-to-be-launched breweries. New, talented players like Sexy Llama Brewing keep everyone on their game, and the group pleased new and old fans at World of Beer – Kendall on Wednesday with their versatility and spot-on flavor descriptions. Enjoy the photos and the descriptions below!

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There were a few options at the tasting, here were a couple of highlights: 

The Garden of Eden Berliner Weisee was a delightfully tart and crisp with a hint of key lime on the back end that kept it lively and familiar.

Trouble in Paradise was the crowd favorite among asked, surprising to me as it was a “tropical hoppy saison.” Not because it wasn’t good, it was great; it’s not easy to blend and balance the dominance of New Zealand hops with the tangy taste from the traditional farmhouse yeast. One can easily consider this a contender for the official Miami saison, complete with plenty of citrus zest.

Looking forward to catching Sexy Llama again at Miami Beer Fest next Saturday, Feb. 1!



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