The internet is vast. I’m glad you landed here.

This is a mini beer blog. Capsule-sized craft beer news and reviews so you can digest it before the head on your beer disappears.

Based in Miami, FL. Most localized posts will include Spanglish and the occasional use of “bro” or name dropping a borough of the glamorous, poverty-laden, shallow, culturally centered, pedestrian-deathtrap that is beautiful Miami. #Letsgoheat

Me? Just a freelance “content creator”/ writer and currently the Miami Craft Beer Examiner for Examiner.com. Also contributed to Munch This! and CBS Miami.

I’m no cicerone yet (although that’s in the works), just an enthusiast who takes things to the next level (within $ means). The internet and years of serving people cheese and cheesecake (and beer, too) has given me the education to start my journey. Join my malty adventure, won’t you?

I was born a creative. Grew up (and day job as) a musician and went to school for journalism. Long story short, I care about good taste in every arena. Doing something well, whether it’s an awesome solo or a well hopped IPA, is worth acknowledgement and celebration, so cheers! Let’s make the most of today with a fine brew in hand.

Twitter: @whoisalicia / @minibeerblog         Instagram: bustabeer             Complete Sentences: busta@minibeerblog.com    alicia.bustamante@gmail.com



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