March Madness!

Hello there my springtime sippers!

It’s a crazy month, not just for Florida (and Heat) basketball fans but also for craft beer fans looking for a slam dunkel! Here’s what’s been happening:

On March 8, WE GOT SPRUNG! So much so, that we somehow contracted that deadly stomach thing that’s going around and it knocked us out of a week of wonderful beer coverage, luckily we’ve made up for it with the best pictures around. CLICK HERE TO GET SPRUNG[ED].

Speaking of Sprung!, our contest winner, Alex, had a GREAT time. We can’t wait to send another one of our loyal fans to another great Miami craft beer event. Subscribe and stay wise to our next contest!

St. Patrick’s Day happened. So that’s still a thing. Hopefully most of you celebrated with a non-green beer (you can get better green in Miami elsewhere). We were still sick, so it sucked to not take pictures of everyone hurling food coloring everywhere. Next year, I guess.

What we DID manage to do was to start our #QuizUpMondays (Areyouaskingfora) Challenge! That’s where we sit around and connect with our readers through the newest, most addicting app around (RIP Flappy) by owning them at beer label quizzes. Request a personalized taunt from yours truly at any time.

We’re also launching #brewsomniac ! A late-night Twitter chat for people who love craft beer and night times. We’ll start doing this every Tuesday, and live tweet a movie, album or one of your requests. Oh, 3-second Thursdays will be when we update thee mini-reviews.

Most beer heads have been reporting the on-going contentious legislative news coming out of the Florida house, which basically surrounds an antiquated law that requires Florida growlers to be sold at full size gallon or 32 oz. versus a proven-popular 64oz. One concludes that this has happened because Florida Anheuser-Busch distributors have donated  a quarter million dollars over time to those legislators who would/could prevent this. Once people became wise to this, another bill was introduced that supports 64 oz., but screws over local brewers in other ways (like “preventing from selling their products in bottles, cans and kegs at the brewery” and pouring collaboration brews). It’s sneaky and jerky and all kinds of things you don’t want associated with a local industry that deserves to thrive.

So now, local brewers all over the state are encouraging you to do your part and tell the house subcommittee to vote “no” on bill 1329. Please do so as well.

JWB (J.Wakefield Brewing) have officially broken ground in Wynwood while M.I.A. are making big strides in Doral. 4th Age is also making waves and heading on the path to production. No final dates yet, but all I know is it’s gonna be a well-crafted summer. Check their FBs for all the photos.

Goose Island Brewing from Chicago is making the rounds with events in Miami this week. We’ll be sure to hit up Wednesday’s event at The Lokal in Coconut Grove from 7 to 9 p.m. They’ll be offering bottled brews not often seen locally, including Bourbon County Stout and Rasselbock and Sofie and Matilda on draft. If you see us, it’s our birthday, toast us! (we’ll be the ones speaking like Gollum)

Lastly (but never least-ly), the Craft Brewjas are teaming up with Miami Beer Tour and Funky Buddha to bring you their Sud Swap event on Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. at Gramps in Wynwood; an event to trade rare beers, bottle share, and sample some favorites from Gravity Brewlab, Hopulant Brewing, 2 Live Brews and Miami Beer Tour. The group hopes to make this a monthly thing, so get out there and explore the craft beer labyrinths only keepin-it-real, newt-eating, warty brewjas can show you.

Happy Smarch! Enjoy the weather.


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