Lagunitas Sucks

afterphoto (1)

Lagunitas Sucks (Brown Shugga Substitute), Lagunitas Brewing Company, Imperial IPA, 7.9% ABV, 63 IBU

This light gold double imperial pale ale is a complex array of piney and herbal hops. Reminds me of when as a kid you’d flip the channels really fast and make an absurdly awesome sentence. This brew weaves what feels like the kitchen sink of hops (and what the beer forums report as Chinook, Simcoe, Apollo, Summit, Nugget and HBC342) and funnels it in a way that’s neither overly bitter or sweet. A grain medley of barley, rye, wheat and oats adds to the palate’s challenge to identify everything that’s happening in this Salsa Rueda of flavor partner changes before your sip is over.

The journey is the destination with this wish-this-came-out-of-my-faucet repeat-worthy brew.

 BA: 97\88 / Draft: NA /RB: 100


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