Grovetoberfest 2013 Ticket Giveaway!

Drum roll please …. IT’S CONTEST TIME!

logo w date GF2013 300x200

Busta’s Mini Beer Blog is very excited to be giving away 2 general admission tickets to Grovetoberfest 2013 on October 19! 

You must be thinking, “Holy cow, so in less than a week I can spend a beautiful afternoon drinking my day away? What do I gotta do?!?” Just follow the link below, register with e-mail or facebook and enter! It’s so easy, your 5-year-old could do it! (disclaimer: children shouldn’t imbibe).

The contest ends 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, so act fast! and tell your friends (they might even invite you if they win)!



One thought on “Grovetoberfest 2013 Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Do you know anywhere that I can get discounted tickets? I missed out on the Groupon and Living Socials deals and I am looking for two tickets for my Son and his best friend.

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