Upcoming posts!

Guten tag, my little bier chugging kinder!

Hopefully you all have Oktoberfest plans, or at least are hitting up the Fritz and Franz, Hofbrau bar, etc. While here at the blog we’ve been a little absent from the first half (although we made up for it with at least three bottles of Ayinger Marzen — so good, so authentic, so cheap!), we’re ready to drop a whole mess of new beer news/reviews/debuts for youze cause we’re all abouts tha booze. Das ist gute!

Coming soon…

– At least 10 new “3 second reviews” to wrap up summer and say hello to fall!

– October craft beer events list for Miami!

– CONTEST:  A pair of Grovetoberfest tickets at stake! What?!? I know!!

– It’s “The Great Pumpkin, C-Brown, Drink it Down” : Top pumpkin beers for fall (working title).

– Beersonalities: Tiny interviews with Miami’s up and coming beer people

– MOAR PICS!!! – Everybody loves to see themselves, I’ll be taking more pictures at every event from now on. Thanks to Opus Ales for the Facebook love for the Key West Brewfest pics. If you haven’t seen them, check em out!

Ultimate Grovetoberfest Coverage goes down Oct. 19.

– A Facebook Page: Meh, I don’t like it one bit, but I guess it must be done.

– Maybe making me a New Times Web Award Winner? It can and should be done.

In short, hold on to your mug, cause we’re gonna fill it with news and knowledge! Hope to see you here.


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